Skate boarding in Port Credit

Today’s Daily Photo eliminates us to Mississauga‘s Port Credit score area for a wintery view. Captured by Forum contributor Jasonzed , this shot photo east across a frozen-over Credit report River  being enjoyed by skateboarders. In the background, the TANU condominium growth can be seen rising into the local views.

Daily Photo, Port Credit, <a href=Mississauga, Credit River” class=”image-display_default” data-entity-type=”file” data-entity-uuid=”insert-display_default-b024f9cf-c735-4d46-87e6-6f3199429760″ data-insert-attach=”"id":"b024f9cf-c735-4d46-87e6-6f3199429760","attributes":"alt": ["alt","description"] ,"title": ["title"] ” data-insert-class=”image-display_default” data-insert-type=”image” src=”” title=”Skating the Credit River, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed” /> Skating the Credit Sea, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

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